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Peking Gourmet Inn

Over the past year or so I’ve been exploring more of Northern Virginia and it is has finally dawned on me that if your palette years for Eastern flavors then Virginia actually offers a much broader array of options than DC or Maryland.  This is not an easy thing to admit for someone who was […]

Ye Chon

It’s now been about six years since I spent a year teaching English in Korea and my love for Korean cuisine has yet to fade. I will admit that these days it does seem as though my stomach doesn’t have the stamina it once did. Subsequently, I only eat Korean food when I know I’m […]

Huong Viet

Why can’t we have more places like Huong Viet in DC? Yes, I understand the economics, population diversity, and other factors of how Falls Church is different than Northwest DC but still, I want great tasting, easy and authentic Vietnamese food all within walking distance of Logan Circle. I know many of you go through […]


I haven’t been impressed by most of the Persian restaurants in the DC metro area. Having been fortunate enough to have experienced a broad range of home-made Persian food, Shamshiry is the only place that comes close to being authentic. Cost – $ Service – A- The staff here is always friendly and attentive. I […]

Hai Duong Restaurant

I have a dirty little confession to make.  I think I have grown to enjoy Vietnamese food more than Korean food.  I’m a bad Korean.  Okay, that being said I think I still like Korean better during the meal…it is just after the meal that gets me.  That is probably why I’ve been hitting up […]


Ownership of most of the hot spots in DC is consolidated by a handful of club owners. One of those is Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld, whose company Latin Concepts is responsible for some of the top clubs and restaurants in DC including Chi-Cha, Mate, and Gazuza. As with the other Latin Concepts venues, Guarapo offers a trendy, […]

Kabob Bazaar

When it comes to Persian kabob in the DC-area, Moby Dick really holds a firm grip on people’s taste buds.  It is hard to compete with the overall quality, price and efficiency of Moby Dick.  Kabob Bazaar is a Persian spot in Clarendon that offer comparable quality of food (if not efficiency). Cost – $ […]

Little Saigon Restaurant

With the emergence of Nam-Viet (a certified pho factory) in Arlington, Vietnamese food has become increasingly popular in the DC-area over the past few years.  Much of the attention during this time has been oriented around places that specialize in pho, possibly because of its anti-hangover properties.  However, this has compelled many people to equate […]