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I decided to venture out to Cleveland Park on a particularly dull night to see if I could uncover a tasty establishment to lift my spirits. Although I arrived close to 10, the restaurant was still packed with hungry customers and with more coming through the door.  Seeing the guests pile in was what sold […]

Aditi Indian Cuisine

This past weekend I braved the ridiculous weather in DC and walked from the waterfront area up to Aditi Indian Cuisine located up on M Street in Georgetown.  The last time I had been to Aditi was several years back and I remember having a pretty positive experience there.  The second-time around was just as […]

Rasika Restaurant

Rasika is part of the new-wave of Indian fusion that seems to be emerging in major US cities. Despite having an unbelievably irritating Web site that made me want to forego eating there (before realizing this would be a ridiculous reason to not visit a restaurant) the restaurant offers some pretty unique flavors in a […]