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Yosaku Restaurant

I live in the Van Ness / Tenleytown area, which is a bit devoid of any nightlife of note.  There are however, a few restaurants in the area that offer a pretty good experience in a pinch and Yasaku is one of them. Cost – $$ Service – A– It’s fantastic.  They are always friendly […]

Best Sushi in DC

It’s sort of funny to think that there was a time in this country (possibly the world) when sushi was a culinary oddity – something enjoyed by pot-smoking and/or gay Californians, snobs like Molly Ringwald and the Japanese. Then something very inexplicable happened – sushi reached a tipping point and became ubiquitous. So these days […]

Thai Chef

Although I like Asian Fusion restaurants like Raku I’ve always been a bit dubious about restaurants that advertise themselves as sushi / [insert other asian cuisine] restaurants so even though I’ve walked by Thai Chef and Sushi Bar hundreds of times and admired the design I’ve never dropped by, opting for places like Regent Thai […]


When it comes to great sushi places in DC, most people keep a fairly short list but all of these lists are going to include Sushi-Ko.  In some ways, Sushi-Ko may be the most popular place in DC because what reallys separates it from other restaurants like Sushi Taro and Kotobuki is extremely affordable pricing.  […]


There are a few safe bets for people looking for good Asian fusion in the DC area and Raku definitely falls into this category. With two locations (that I know about) in Bethesda and Dupont Circle, Raku provides a consistent dining experience and lively ambiance that has made it a mainstay in DC. Cost – […]

Café MoZU

The Mandarin Oriental is a relative newcomer to the DC area. The brand has a global reputation for luxury hotels and resorts and the DC venue doesn’t disappoint. There are two restaurants in the Mandarin Oriental: CityZen (which Dean reviewed a while back) and Café MoZU. Last night was actually my fourth trip to MoZu […]

Cafe Japone

Cafe Japone has been a favorite of mine for a while now so this review is long overdue. The venue is a bit of a hidden gem in DC – a two-story establishment it really is somewhat of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of sushi places in the DC area. The top floor offers […]