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Shadow Room

In the past year there has been an rash of clubs in the DC area that have instituted a tougher door policy as part of an underlying shift towards a more exclusive flavor in the club scene.  These clubs create exclusivity by instituting tougher door policies and emphasizing table-only service (i.e. Josephine’s) or membership programs […]

Skye Lounge

Previously known as Karma, Skye Lounge opened March 2008 under the ownership of Dan Allen & George Koutsoukos. They envisioned a venue that “would cater to the sports fan and martini connoisseur alike,” and they have successfully created a laid-back atmosphere in a great venue. Cost – $$ Service – B+ I was admittedly a […]


McFadden’s is a restaurant and bar located in Foggy Bottom. Cost – $$ Service – C It is a sports bar that caters to the University crowd. In other words the servers and bartenders have no real incentive to be polite or helpful because they aren’t going to get dick for tips. It is actually […]