Bravery Corporation, Formerly 360JMG, Rolls Out Comprehensive Re-Brand

(Bravery Corporation via DC City Blog) – Bravery Corporation, a leading Washington, DC-based digital and public relations firm formerly known as 360jmg, recently launched a comprehensive re-branding campaign, along with a digitally enhanced new website, Bravery Corporation is a full-service agency that specializes in public relations, brand strategy and execution, digital and social media, advertising, and design.

With a diverse roster of clients, Bravery services restaurant, real estate, consumer, and government clients. Some of the firm’s current clients include Buddha-Bar, Douglas Development, Akridge, CSX, Destination DC, Chinatown Coffee Co., and DC Public Schools.

One of Bravery Corporation’s core principles is ensuring that message and strategy are tightly integrated with advanced technology. According to Bravery Corporation’s CEO Max Brown, “Technology is the driving approach in the digital age, but how all the communication pieces fit together is too often overlooked by industry professionals – usually because they don’t understand the technology available to help their clients. By combining creative messaging with technology, we provide our clients with the best solutions to help them meet their unique goals, irrespective of platform.”

Bravery Corporation’s cutting-edge website highlights the firm’s diverse capabilities, experienced staff, and past and current client work. The website features a “Brainfeed,” a real-time tool used by Bravery Corporation’s staff to post articles on industry topics, from public relations and marketing to art, design, and digital innovation. The Brainfeed links to the firm’s Twitter account, @BraveryCorp, and the Bravery Corporation Facebook page.

Additionally, Bravery Corporation’s charity-focused microsite Project Oxpeck,, allows users to select and support a charity of their choice, and share this opportunity with friends via multiple new media vehicles. Through this customized annual giving program, Bravery Corporation pledges to donate to the charity that accrues the most points at the end of the year, based on the number of times their charity of choice has been shared.

Brown explains, “The mission of Project Oxpeck is to use technology to help people target philanthropy and have some fun along the way.”

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Washington, DC-based digital and public relations firm rolls out comprehensive re-brand and launches new website,, and new customized, online annual giving program,


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