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Huong Viet

Why can’t we have more places like Huong Viet in DC? Yes, I understand the economics, population diversity, and other factors of how Falls Church is different than Northwest DC but still, I want great tasting, easy and authentic Vietnamese food all within walking distance of Logan Circle. I know many of you go through […]

Mo Condo

Five questions for Mo Condo: What do you do in DC? I do performance and voice coaching, and am a professional singer. When did you move to DC? I’m a native! Where do you live? Takoma Park, MD Why do you love DC? Having the seat of government here means lots of new folks are […]

Given the blowback from the right

Given the blowback from the right, some might be under the impression that House Speaker Paul Ryan (R Wis.) withdrew his endorsement of Donald Trump candidacy. One congressional Republican, Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R Okla.), said a couple of weeks ago, “Given the stakes of this election, if Paul Ryan isn for Trump, then I not […]

A few wimpy cosmetic snowfalls

A few wimpy cosmetic snowfalls are possible, enough to give the gritty snow in your yard a quick facelift. Warm Season Precipitation Using Dynamical Downscaling. Here is a link to Dr. “I would hit him in the first response, and I’d hit him in the last response, and I’d hit him with just about every […]