Monstrous Exhibition featuring the artwork of Jessika Dené Tarr

(Jessika Dené Tarr via DC City Blog) – Emerging from the dark yet whimsical world of children’s literature, Jessika Dené Tarr’s exhibition Monstrous features works that are both narrative and theatrical.  Just as German story books combine dark and provocative themes with seemingly innocent illustrations, her works contain a tension between content and style. Examining many branches and symptoms of fear, each piece deals with a specific monstrosity, whether it be an inner demon or outer evil. From phobias and the Uncanny to distrust and envy, each work draws inspiration from a variety of sources, both personal and fictional. While overtly signifying fear itself, much of her imagery alludes to the subconscious and collective fantastical, exploring the aesthetics of surrealism and dreams.

Come along to Hillyer Art Space on the evening of Wednesday, February 16th (7pm) to hear Jessika speak about her new body of work Monstrous. Jessika will also be showing a short film which displays the creative process behind the large-scale (20ft x 3.5ft) piece in the show, “As lost as a handful of passengers in a great, drifting ship.”

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