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Adams Morgan has lost some of its club-scene momentum in the past several years with the rise of K Street but still draws a fairly significant crowd that draws from a variety of different communities within the DC area. The turnover has always been a bit more frequent in the area but there are a […]

Bossa Bistro & Lounge

Bossa is a lounge / restaurant located at 2463 18th Street in the heart of Adams Morgan. As you can guess from the name, they are Brazilian influenced although between you, me and the World Wide Web I can’t really figure out why they are Brazilian influenced because they don’t seem to serve Brazilian food […]


Baffetto’s is a no-frills pizza place in Adams Morgan located at 2005 18th St NW. Cost – $ Service – A Every single time I order from Baffetto’s, whether it’s in person or over the phone and regardless of hour, I get the same great service with a smile. Delivery is also very quick, sometimes […]

Tom Tom

Tom Tom is a club in Adams Morgan located at 2333 18th St. NW. Cost – $$ Service – C+ I would have given this place a C but I had rapport with a bartender at Tom Tom when I used to go there and she hooked me up quite a bit. Food – ? […]


Tryst is a coffee shop/lounge located at 2459 18th St. in Adams Morgan. Cost – $ Service – B+ The servers deal with a lot of freaks and bad tips from what I’ve been told.  They also don’t have any mandates on how to behave so some of them can be a bit cantankerous but […]

The Reef

The Reef is a bar located at 2446 18th St. in Adams Morgan. Cost – $$$ Service – C The doormen are a bit annoying, which is typical for Adams Morgan. The bar staff is nothing to really write home about. That being said, they don’t do anything egregiously bad so they get an average […]