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Memorial Day 2010 in Washington, DC

Having been on the road for the past several weekends, I definitely felt a little out of the loop heading into Memorial Day weekend and with my family coming into town I didn’t have high expectations for being able to hit up any of the landmark events taking place this weekend.  I did however, manage […]

Selling your First Place? Then HGTV is looking for you!

(HGTV via DC City Blog) – “My First Sale,” the popular primetime HGTV show, is looking for first-time home sellers (and their real estate agents!) in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Washington DC/Arlington VA areas. They are looking for fun, high-energy people who are just starting the process of selling their first place!  Their cameras will […]

The male perspectiveSo that is the perspective

The male perspectiveSo that is the perspective of the woman who can stand in her strength. What they know, and what most people won’t admit, is that many men are fascinated by strong women. Most men like women to have defined muscles and strength. Could be calibration of the gyro. Try using the trim nob […]

Haiti Fundraiser Taking Place in Washington, DC

On Thursday May 13th, Station 9 will open it’s doors to anyone with a love of music, dancing, and drinking for one of the biggest parties in Washington DC this Spring. FaiBien*, a DC-based non-profit dedicated to the people of Haiti, will throw a fundraiser for over 700 people to help rebuild schools and jump […]

L2 Lounge

It has been a while since I visited L2 Lounge, located down on Cady’s Alley in Georgetown.  The reason I haven’t frequented L2 in is not because I didn’t appreciate the venue; in fact, after initially visiting L2 over a year ago I immediately rated it as one of the top lounges in the District.  […]