Hai Duong Restaurant

I have a dirty little confession to make.  I think I have grown to enjoy Vietnamese food more than Korean food.  I’m a bad Korean.  Okay, that being said I think I still like Korean better during the meal…it is just after the meal that gets me.  That is probably why I’ve been hitting up more Vietnamese places lately when I am craving Asian food and when it comes to variety and quality, there is no better place to go than Eden Center in Falls Church.  Hai Duong is one of many places in Eden Center that provides a really great culinary experience.

Cost – $$

Service – C+
The service is okay.  Vietnamese places aren’t really known for their service in general (unless you can speak fluent Vietnamese) but they were punctual (if not amiable) – that counts for something.

Food – B+
I had the Banh Xeo when I went and it was mouth watering.  The ingredients were fresh and I felt great after the meal.

Decor – C
To be honest I’m still waiting for a hot, trendy Vietnamese place to open up.  You don’t go to a place like Hai Duong for the decor however, you go for the great food.

Feel – B+
I always enjoy going to the restaurants in Eden Center.  For a moment, I honestly feel like I’m totally distanced from Washington, DC.  To top it off, the food is so good it just puts me in a good frame of mind.  Or maybe that is the MSG.  Regardless, it is always a sure fire bet for a laid back evening down in NoVa.

Hai Duong is located at 6795 Wilson Blvd in Falls Church.  They can be reached at (703) 538-8882.

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  1. Ngoc Nguyen January 13, 2009 at 3:02 am #

    I love the foods in there. They are really good. ^^

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