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L2 Lounge

It has been a while since I visited L2 Lounge, located down on Cady’s Alley in Georgetown.  The reason I haven’t frequented L2 in is not because I didn’t appreciate the venue; in fact, after initially visiting L2 over a year ago I immediately rated it as one of the top lounges in the District.  […]

Peacock Cafe

A couple of weekends ago I was meeting with a few friends for brunch in Georgetown and we were debating were to eat.  It was a bit too muggy for the waterfront and none of us really wanted to deal with the crowds and parking down there so we decided on upper Georgetown.  My first […]

Paolo’s Ristorante

I was meeting a few friends in Georgetown on a Friday evening a few weeks back and suggested Cafe Bonaparte, my new favorite restaurant in DC.  Of course I forgot to make reservations and found out that the wait was going to be in excess of an hour so we decided to head down the […]

Cafe Bonaparte

Cafe Bonaparte is my new favorite place to hang out.  I first dropped in about a month back.  I was headed back into the city from Reagan airport when a friend called and told me he was hanging out over at Bonaparte.  I had heard of the restaurant/bar before and knew it was affiliated with […]

Filomena Ristorante

As much as I sometimes do enjoy the faux Italian restaurant with endless breadsticks and salads, there is nothing like authentic Italian cuisine that makes you appreciate the simplicity of quality ingredients mixed with heart, soul, and passion. As a hot spot for politicians and celebrities alike, this Georgetown gem is THE recommended place by […]


When it comes to great sushi places in DC, most people keep a fairly short list but all of these lists are going to include Sushi-Ko.  In some ways, Sushi-Ko may be the most popular place in DC because what reallys separates it from other restaurants like Sushi Taro and Kotobuki is extremely affordable pricing.  […]