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Peking Gourmet Inn

Over the past year or so I’ve been exploring more of Northern Virginia and it is has finally dawned on me that if your palette years for Eastern flavors then Virginia actually offers a much broader array of options than DC or Maryland.  This is not an easy thing to admit for someone who was […]

Szechuan House Fusion Grill

I rarely venture out into the Capitol Hill area these days. It’s not that I don’t like the area – in fact, I love the area and I think it is just continuing to grow and thrive. The distance from Cleveland Park is what tends to keep me from venturing into Capitol Hill these days. […]


There are a few safe bets for people looking for good Asian fusion in the DC area and Raku definitely falls into this category. With two locations (that I know about) in Bethesda and Dupont Circle, Raku provides a consistent dining experience and lively ambiance that has made it a mainstay in DC. Cost – […]