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With the emergence of Nam-Viet (a certified pho factory) in Arlington, Vietnamese food has become increasingly popular in the DC-area over the past few years.  Much of the attention during this time has been oriented around places that specialize in pho, possibly because of its anti-hangover properties.  However, this has compelled many people to equate eating Vietnamese with eating pho despite the presence of many top-flight Vietnamese restaurants.  Little Saigon is a relatively unheralded Vietnamese place that offers some absolutely mouth-watering dishes for a reasonable price.

Cost – $$

Service – B+
The service at Little Saigon was pretty good – despite there being somewhat of a language barrier everything went smoothly and our waitress had an extremely pleasant and cheerful disposition.

Food – A
Just mouth-watering.  I started out with some of the best fried chicken wings I’ve ever had in my entire life that were spiced to perfection.  That was followed up with bo nhung dam (beef dipped in vinegar), which was also delicious (to the point that I didn’t even want to douse it in sriracha because I didn’t want to cover its natural flavor).  For a main course I had bo luc lac (beef cut into cubes and marinated) – again, prepared to perfection.

Decor – C
As I’m sure you can well imagine you don’t come to Little Saigon for the decor or the ambiance.  You come to eat food.  I don’t have to tell you that the decor is really nothing to write home about.

Feel – B
The feel of the place is great because of the quality of the food.  The only reason you would make the trip to Little Saigon is for one of the best Vietnamese culinary experiences in the DC-area – but I can assure you if you are a fan of food in general it is definitely worth the trip.

Little Saigon Restaurant is located at 6218 Wilson Boulevard.  They can be reached at (703) 536-2633.

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