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Best Clubs in DC

Each year, DC City Blog announces its picks for the best clubs in DC.  This short list of venues is compiled based on a variety of criteria including the aesthetics of the venue, quality of service and general ambiance.  Here are the clubs in DC that rank high across all these criteria: L2 Lounge – […]

Best Outdoor Bars in DC

As the warm season hits the Nation’s capital, local denizens begin to take to the streets in throngs, eager to enjoy the outdoors after months of being stuffed inside. To help take full advantage of the warm Spring and Summer months, DC City Blog has prepared the following list of top outdoor nightlife destinations. Gazuza […]

Best Hotels in DC

DC attracts politicians, tourists and businessmen from all over the US and dignitaries from all over the world.  With such a diverse market, there is a broad spectrum of demand for hoteliers to meet.  DC has a terrific range of boutique, corporate, luxury and budget hotels.  We’ll be coming out with lists for each of […]

Best Asian Restaurants in DC

Nationally, I would say that DC doesn’t compare favorably to New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles when it comes to high quality Asian cuisine.  In fact, for years now you’ve had to go outside of DC to Annandale or Falls Church to get good Asian food.  The last few years have seen a few […]

Best Lounges in DC

Washington, DC has long been known for it’s collection of lounges. In past years, the ambiance of these venues has been a perfect fit for a DC crowd looking for a more laid-back nightlife experience. Recently, the surge in high-end clubs has created a more stratified array of options but the lounges are still going […]

Best Hip Hop Clubs in DC

Admittedly, I’m probably not the best person to put together a list of hip hop clubs in DC but I recently was asked the question and found myself struggling to come up with a decent list so I figured this would be a good opportunity to post something and see what sort of feedback is […]

Best Hidden Gems in DC

Peking Gourmet Inn – No one would ever imagine that one of the best Chinese restaurants in Washington, DC (some say in the country) would be buried in a nondescript plaza in Falls Church.  Their duck is absolutely incredible. Palena – Even though there are certainly a good set of restaurants and bars in Cleveland […]

Best Cheap Eats in DC

Even though DC is somewhat insulated from the current economic crisis, it’s always a good time to think about getting a great bargain.  That’s why we’ve come up with the following list of places in DC to get an amazing dish at an affordable price. Bar Pilar – This hipster hang-out is known for it’s […]

Best Restaurants in DC

In preparation for the inauguration and the expected influx of a new batch of movers and shakers on the Hill, we’ve compiled a list of the top fine dining and semi-fine dining restaurants in the Washington, DC area.  This list considers the gesamtkunstwerk that would qualify a restaurant as one of the area’s best: the […]