Kabob Bazaar

When it comes to Persian kabob in the DC-area, Moby Dick really holds a firm grip on people’s taste buds.  It is hard to compete with the overall quality, price and efficiency of Moby Dick.  Kabob Bazaar is a Persian spot in Clarendon that offer comparable quality of food (if not efficiency).

Cost – $

Service – B-
The service here is decent.  Unlike Moby Dick, there is actually a waiter or waitress who comes and serves the food to you.  When I went to eat there recently, I didn’t know if they added a whole lot to the experience however.

Food – B+
The kubideh was pretty good.  I would actually rate it just a shade under the Moby Dick kubideh.  The joojeh kabob however was actually a little more tender than the joojeh I’ve had at Moby Dick and I’d actually grade it a little bit higher.

Decor – C
It’s definitely a little bit dingy in the place.  They might want to seriously consider jazzing it up a bit or at least going with a more industrial sanitary feel.

Feel – B
I enjoyed sitting on their front patio and eating kabob.  It is in a nice spot in Clarendon where you can sort of watch life go buy while burping kubideh/onion breath.  I wouldn’t be as thrilled with the experience had I eaten inside but if you’re in the area and hankering for kabob it is definitely worth the trip.

Kabob Bazaar is located at 3133 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, Virginia.  They can be reached at(703) 522-8999.

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