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Peacock Cafe

A couple of weekends ago I was meeting with a few friends for brunch in Georgetown and we were debating were to eat.  It was a bit too muggy for the waterfront and none of us really wanted to deal with the crowds and parking down there so we decided on upper Georgetown.  My first […]

Policy Restaurant and Lounge

With the onset of Spring in the Nation’s capital, people flock to the streets and the city comes to life.  Combating a nasty case of hay fever, I set out with Dean to the U Street neighborhood to check out one of the most recent DC hot spots, Policy.  Policy is the brainchild of former […]


An old friend who used to live in DC was in town the other day for a few days and apparently had begun craving the Matchbox sliders as his plane landed on the tarmac so insisted I meet him at the venue, located in Chinatown.  Although I had ordered takeout from Matchbox in the past […]

Good Stuff Eatery

The DC version of the Battle of the Burgers has recently started and after reviewing the best burger brackets, I felt incomplete (actually more like robbed) that I haven’t had the burgers at a few of the spots being considered. To remedy the situation, it’s burgers for me for the next few weeks and I […]

Ben’s Chili Bowl

Two half smokes and chili cheese fries please. I wish I was the only one who wanted to place that order this Saturday afternoon but no such luck. The line at Ben’s Chili Bowl was 30+ deep and unfortunately, I didn’t have that much time to wait. But long lines are the norm for this […]

Redwood Restaurant and Bar

I grew up in Bethesda during the latter half of the 80s and early part of the 90s and can remember when it was a relatively quiet suburb of DC with a modest downtown area that contained a limited selection of restaurants and no bars (as far as I can remember). So it is funny […]