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Cleveland Park has been traditionally known as a laid-back part of town that caters to locals and others looking to find venues with no dress code or any discernible sense of fashion. How else could you explain how one area could accommodate two venues like Ireland’s Four Provinces and Nanny O’Briens within walking distance. That […]

Degrees Bar & Lounge

Situated off of M in Georgetown, Degrees Bar & Lounge is a posh venue located in the Ritz-Carlton. The first time I visited was just a few months ago after I had some problems at the door at Josephine’s. I was looking for a nice venue where I knew there wouldn’t be any door politics […]

Given the blowback from the right

Given the blowback from the right, some might be under the impression that House Speaker Paul Ryan (R Wis.) withdrew his endorsement of Donald Trump candidacy. One congressional Republican, Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R Okla.), said a couple of weeks ago, “Given the stakes of this election, if Paul Ryan isn for Trump, then I not […]

Kabob Bazaar

When it comes to Persian kabob in the DC-area, Moby Dick really holds a firm grip on people’s taste buds.  It is hard to compete with the overall quality, price and efficiency of Moby Dick.  Kabob Bazaar is a Persian spot in Clarendon that offer comparable quality of food (if not efficiency). Cost – $ […]

Pines of Rome

When I moved back to the DC area (one of the many times I have returned after trying to leave) about five years ago I went on a date to a little place called Pines of Rome.  Two memorable things happened on this date: First, I saw Wolf Blitzer eating there.  The novelty of this […]

Skye Lounge

Previously known as Karma, Skye Lounge opened March 2008 under the ownership of Dan Allen & George Koutsoukos. They envisioned a venue that “would cater to the sports fan and martini connoisseur alike,” and they have successfully created a laid-back atmosphere in a great venue. Cost – $$ Service – B+ I was admittedly a […]

Little Saigon Restaurant

With the emergence of Nam-Viet (a certified pho factory) in Arlington, Vietnamese food has become increasingly popular in the DC-area over the past few years.  Much of the attention during this time has been oriented around places that specialize in pho, possibly because of its anti-hangover properties.  However, this has compelled many people to equate […]

The Park at Fourteenth

The Park at Fourteenth is a relatively new venue located (surprise) down on 14th between I and K across from Franklin Square. Josephine’s and the Park at Fourteenth popped about the same time and although they both want to be the new hot club in DC they are taking very different tacts to get there. […]

Woo Lae Oak

Woo Lae Oak is a Korean restaurant and bar located on Leesburg Pike in Vienna, near Tyson’s Corner. It is probably one of the largest and most frequented Korean restaurants in the DC area and I’m conflicted because on the one hand, I love the fact that they are bringing Korean food to the mainstream […]

Todd Mack

Five questions for Todd Mack: What do you do in DC? I volunteer at a Domestic Violence Shelter, I am a Club DJ and a Tour DJ/Turntablist for a DC based band and I am part of the management team for a ginormous international Legal and Media company. When did you move to DC? I […]