Ye Chon

It’s now been about six years since I spent a year teaching English in Korea and my love for Korean cuisine has yet to fade. I will admit that these days it does seem as though my stomach doesn’t have the stamina it once did. Subsequently, I only eat Korean food when I know I’m going to be going home immediately afterwards and putting on sweatpants. However when the urge strikes, Ye Chon is one of the few places that immediately springs to mind.

Cost – $$

Service – B+
The service is incredibly efficient and even somewhat friendly, which isn’t always a guarantee at Korean restaurants.

Food – A-
Call me crazy but I think Ye Chon is better than Woo Lae Oak (although not as good as Han Sung Oak). It is pretty consistently packed with Koreans at all times of the day so that should provide a pretty decent indication of the overall quality of the food.

Decor – B
It is somewhat spartan although there is something very authentic and comforting about the fake wood paneling and openness of the space.

Feel – A-
There is something I really like about Ye Chon, a certain ebullience pervades the restaurant at all times of the day. You’ll find all sorts at the Ye Chon: younger couples on dates, families, people about to go clubbing. I probably wouldn’t recommend the venue for anything but dinner on a weekday or late night on a weekend but if you’re craving Korean food it is definitely worth the trip.

Ye Chon is located on 4121 Hummer Road in Annandale, Virginia.

What’s the Buzz:

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