Tryst is a coffee shop/lounge located at 2459 18th St. in Adams Morgan.

Cost – $

Service – B+
The servers deal with a lot of freaks and bad tips from what I’ve been told.  They also don’t have any mandates on how to behave so some of them can be a bit cantankerous but after going there for five years I have never had a bad experience with the staff at Tryst.  They also hire the only nice doormen in Adams Morgan.

Food – B+
The food at Tryst is actually pretty yummy.  They have a good selection of sandwiches and sides to much on.

Decor – C+
Tryst is definitely a bit on the grimy side with all the garage sale furniture throughout the place.  That being said it has a lot of character.  Its walls are also normally adorned with local artists work.

Feel – A
Tryst is the best coffee shop in DC.  It has a very loyal following of patrons of all types and for good reason.  It is also the only coffee shop in the history of DC where people go to actually hook up with others.

What’s the Buzz:

April 3, 2005 – Tryst (Drift Reality) – The issue of how to study and get drunk simultaneously is one that has plagued man for centuries. In our modern era or supposed convenience, it continues to befuddle us. We can go to a bar and get drunk, but we can’t take our books there because someone will throw the books out of our hand and then call us a pussy. Conversely, we can’t go to Starbucks and slam a shot of tequila because first, they don’t serve tequila; and second, mocha frappacinos are terrible chasers. Full Article…


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