Ha Dong House

Ha Dong House is a Korean restaurant on 2104 Viers Mill Rd. in Rockville, Maryland.

Cost – $$

Service – B
Korean restaurants aren’t normally known for their service…until you try to say a few words in Korean! Then they’ll warm up to you and start joking around with you. Ha Dong is no different. If you’re a Miguk then pick up a few words before you go and it will change the dynamics of your service there.

Food – B+
Although the food isn’t out of this world, it is pretty solid by DC-area standards. I’ve had the Kim Chi Jigge, the Kalbi, Bulgogi and it is all quite good.

Decor – C
Remember – we are talking about Rockville. It is a pretty Korean-style place, which means fairly basic but clean.

Ha Dong is a fun place to go, especially if you are in a large group and plan on drinking a great deal of soju.

What’s the Buzz:

August 25, 2004 – Ha Dong (Drift Reality) – Ha Dong, located at 2104 Viers Mill Rd, is a great Korean barbacue house in Rockville, MD. For Mother’s Day, I wanted to take my parents out for a good Korean dinner, but was shocked and disturbed by the absolute dearth of Korean restaurants in the city of DC. I guess Rockville is something like Korea town in Maryland though, because they all seemed to be consolidated in this area. Full Article…

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