Georgetown Billiards

Georgetown Billiards is a pool hall located at 3251 Prospect St. NW.

Cost – $$

Service – B+
Billiards is one of the few places I’ve visited in my entire life that has cool doormen. That, and the server is pretty damn cool as well. Considering they have to deal with snotty Georgetown kids constantly, it is amazing to me that they can remain so chill.

Food – C-
What do you expect? It is a pool hall.

Decor – B+
I’m partial to Billiards. In addition to being a pool hall, it is one of the few places you can go in Georgetown and chill on a couch and have a couple drinks with your friends without having to deal with getting beer spilled on you.

Feel – C
Billiards definitely is not what I would consider a hot spot. It is good for a weekday evening if you want to blow off some steam with your friends. Or a weekend if you are Asian.

What’s the Buzz:

November 22, 2003 – Georgetown Billiards (Drift Reality) – Georgetown Billiards brings back fond memories of when I was a lame-ass preppie Hoya back in the day. On a Wednesday night, I would put on my favorite khakis and striped button down shirt, dig my favorite white three-bar hat out of the closet, and head over to Billiards for a few games of pool. Full Article…

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