Nick’s Riverside Grill

Nick’s Riverside Grill is a restaurant and bar located on the waterfront in Georgetown.

Cost – $$

Service – D
Rude doormen and shitty bartenders who seem like they blow lines in the bathroom. What’s not to like? Unless things have changed in the past year or so, the service is as bad as it gets in Georgetown.

Food – B-

Pretty standard fare here. The only reason you would come here to eat would be to sit outside on a nice day and enjoy the Potomac.

Decor – D
I’ve been there a number of times and the only thing I can remember being a distinguishing factor about the place is the fish tank they have inside. There is literally nothing memorable or special about the decor in this place.

Feel – C-
When the patio is open during the Summer it is actually a pretty good place to go and have a drink outside (despite the service). Otherwise, it is a pretty boring place.

What’s the Buzz:

November 3, 2004 – Nick’s Riverside Grill (Drift Reality) – “Hey!” the husky bouncer shouted as my friend and I walked into Nick’s Riverside Grill. “You have to stand in line like everyone else!” Full Article…

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  1. Adam Adamowicz July 20, 2009 at 5:15 pm #

    I have had rotten, hostile, abusive treatment from the staff at Nick’s Riverside Grille, consistently. Bartenders, bouncers, and managers have embraced a surly, confrontative attitude as acceptable behavior. Watch those non itemized tabs, you may end paying for more beers than you actually purchased.
    Avoid at all costs. Did I mention the terrible food? They haven’t changed the cooking oil since heaven knows when, your meal will taste like it’s been soaking in crank case oil. Scroll down and read more about other customers experience being bullied by these jerks. As a former bartender I can say they deserve to be sitting on the curb panhandling, and have no right to have any interaction with the public

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