Aroma Company

The Aroma Company is a small bar/club located at 3417 Connecticut Ave. in Cleveland Park.

Cost – $$

Service – B
Aroma is a neighborhood place that doesn’t get ridiculous so you don’t have to deal with cranky bar tenders. At the same time it can sometimes be a struggle to get a drink. Particularly on a Friday or Saturday night.

Food – ?
As a matter of fact, I’ve never eaten at Aroma Company. I don’t even think they have a kitchen.

Decor – B+
Aroma Company is a neighborhood establishment but has a sort of hip design. There is a lounge in the back that is never crowded and allows you to have a bit more of an intimate experience.

Feel – C
Don’t go expecting DC’s finest (if such a thing is even possible). After all, it is Cleveland Park. At the same time, there is always an interesting mix of locals and transients hanging out.

What’s the Buzz:

October 16, 2007 – Aroma Lights Up the Night (Going Out Gurus) – A friend and I went to Aroma last night to say goodbye to longtime bartender Krishna Ramsundar, and as we walked in, we took in the aroma. It wasn’t because we were caught up in the moment — it was because we smelled the fragrant odor of burning tobacco. Ashtrays were scattered across the bar, a guy lit up a celebratory cigar and, later, one man wandered in while puffing away on a pipe. Full Article…

May 18, 2003 – Aroma Company (Drift Reality) – The other night I went to the Aroma Company, located at 3417 Connecticut Avenue, NW. It’s a narrowly structured little joint with a lounge in back and a stage up front, where a jazz/funk band plays on Friday nights. Full Article…

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