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The only thing that makes an Asian happier than rice is noodles.  Yesterday evening, a small group of friends including Dean and myself were wandering around in the U Street, looking for somewhere to eat that did not involve more than an hour-long wait and I remembered the U Street newcomer catching my eye from earlier that evening.  We hit the restaurant up and as soon as we laid eyes on the menu we were happier than pigs in, well you know how that goes.

Cost – $$

Service – A-
The service was top-notch.  Our waitress was incredibly attentive and friendly.  Not only that, the owner, who was hanging out by the bar, came over and chatted with us for a bit and gave us the back-story behind the borderline-controversial Asian caricature on the wall.

Food – A-
The menu has a number of soup dishes that look a bit pho-ish and if anyone reads our restaurant reviews they know that I have a slight addiction for pho (probably stemming from all the MSG) but I decided to go with a more hardier bowl of drunken noodles with beef and was thorougly satisfied.  They also have great liche martinis (although the costs will add up pretty quickly).

Decor – A-
It has a very urban, modern feel with unfinished floors, fantastic lighting and bare walls apart from the unique street art-ish Asian chef caricature.  It feels like a place you might find in the East Village.

Feel – A
We had a fantastic time just hanging out at the venue.  We probably sat there for about 2 or 3 hours just sucking down saki and liche martinis.  I can’t understand why it wasn’t more crowded but that’s everyone else’s loss and my gain I guess.

Noodles is located at 1412 U Street NW.

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