Lebanese Taverna

I found myself in Woodley Park this past weekend looking for a place to grab brunch after I realized the wait at Open City was going to be in excess of an hour.  Walking up the street, I came across Lebanese Taverna.  Having eaten there several times before I figured it would be a good place to grab a solid meal.

Cost – $$

Service – D
I’m not sure if the staff just had gotten past the worse lunch rush of their lives but the service was dreadful. I had to find someone to seat us initially.  After about fifteen minutes I then had to literally go grab someone and bring them over to our table to take our order, which somehow took another thirty minutes.

Food – B
Terrible service can always take the luster off a culinary experience but I honestly don’t think the food was anything to write home about and barely anything to blog about.

Decor – C

Feel – C
In all honesty I should have just left as soon as I realized no one was coming to help us.  Then again, I can be a lazy SOB sometimes and after basically managing the Lebanese Taverna waitstaff myself for the first few minutes I figured I was already vested so I might as well see the thing through.

Lebanese Taverna has multiple locations.  The one I visited was in Woodley Park at 2641 Connecticut Ave. They can be reached at (202) 265-8681.

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