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Chi-Cha Lounge

Chi-Cha Lounge is one of the older lounge/clubs in the DC area and one of the first real hot-spots in the U Street area. Over the past decade, it has built up a loyal following and a reputation as one of the best lounges in the DC area. These days, it continues to be a […]


Josephine currently has the pole position amongst clubs in the K Street area. With its über-exclusive door policy it is something of a departure from typical clubs in the area.  Josephine is actually my favorite club in DC and offers one of the hottest scenes that this area has seen in years. Cost – $$$ […]

Science Club

Science Club is a cool little bar at 1136 19th St. NW near Dupont Circle. I would go so far as to say that Science Club might be one of my favorite bars in DC. Cost – $$ Service – A The service is the first thing that differentiates Science Club from the rest of […]

Eighteenth Street Lounge

Unmarked and situated between Daily Grill and Five, Eighteenth Street Lounge has a reputation of being a long-time DC hot spot with a velvet rope and trendy crowd. I suspect a lot of it may be relative to what my idea of a picky doorman type of nightclub is, but ESL remains one of my […]

Atomic Billiards

Atomic Billiards is a pool hall located at 3427 Connecticut Ave. in Cleveland Park. Cost – $ Service – B Most of the places in Cleveland Park cater to a neighborhood crowd and subsequently tend to have pretty friendly people working behind the bar and on the floor. Atomic Billiards is no exception, having friendly […]


Maté is a club / sushi bar located in Georgetown on 3101 K Street.  As with the majority of Latin Concepts venues in the area Maté has a slick, sophisticated vibe, good food and good music. Cost – $$$ Service – B+ Maté does a good job hiring attractive girls to work as servers and […]


Tryst is a coffee shop/lounge located at 2459 18th St. in Adams Morgan. Cost – $ Service – B+ The servers deal with a lot of freaks and bad tips from what I’ve been told.  They also don’t have any mandates on how to behave so some of them can be a bit cantankerous but […]

Georgetown Billiards

Georgetown Billiards is a pool hall located at 3251 Prospect St. NW. Cost – $$ Service – B+ Billiards is one of the few places I’ve visited in my entire life that has cool doormen. That, and the server is pretty damn cool as well. Considering they have to deal with snotty Georgetown kids constantly, […]