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Lima is a restaurant and club located at 1401 K Street. It is not really a club that serves food nor is it a restaurant that turns into a club at night – it is actually a fairly balanced establishment that has the best of both worlds. As you can tell (or can’t tell) from […]


Located a few steps off the beaten path of Connecticut Ave., Veritas continues to be one of the standouts in the DC wine bar scene. Opened by the same owners as Enology, this intimate spot has some of the most knowledgeable wait staff around and a wine selection that is extensive and interesting. No meals […]

Rocket Bar

It’s been a little while since we at DC City Blog reviewed a bar so it was fortunate that a work function took  me to Rocket Bar this past week.  Like most other cities, DC has some pretty clear social divisions that manifest in the different venue circuits that people in DC choose.  Rocket Bar is clearly […]

Russia House

Russia House is a staple in the north Dupont section of Washington, DC. It was opened over ten years ago to “promote East-West business development.” If this is a euphemism that means Russians selling copious amounts of vodka to drunken Westerners then I would say that the Russia House has accomplished it’s original goal. Cost […]


Located above the Spy Museum, Zola flies a little under the radar compared to some of the other notable destinations in Penn Quarter. That said, not having a to deal with the an overcrowded bar scene in a little more sophisticated than usual setting is part of the draw for some. I don’t want to […]

Rosa Mexicano

Rosa Mexicano is one of two Penn Quarter establishments (Oyamel being the other) serving up modern and upscale versions of authentic Mexican cuisine. As I have referenced in some of my other reviews, having grown up in Southern California I thought “upscale” Mexican food was an oxymoron. I mean, why pay the high prices for […]


This afternoon Dean and I set out to find a good sports bar to watch the Redskins game. The first stop was the Cleveland Park Bar and Grill but the moment we stepped in we realized it was going to take some effort to find seating. We were about 20 minutes away from kick-off and […]


Tucked away off of the bustling streets of M St., Neyla’s has it all; ambiance, cocktails, and great food. Although small in size compared to other DC restaurants, the GM bends over backwards past the caddy hostesses to try to cater to every entering guest. Adding tables, scrambling for chairs, he miraculously is able to […]

Shadow Room

In the past year there has been an rash of clubs in the DC area that have instituted a tougher door policy as part of an underlying shift towards a more exclusive flavor in the club scene.  These clubs create exclusivity by instituting tougher door policies and emphasizing table-only service (i.e. Josephine’s) or membership programs […]


The chain of Alero Tex-Mex restaurants gets comments from diners that all over the map. On one hand, the food is terrible and on the other, it’s the best Mexican food in DC. I have eaten at all three locations and will get into my opinion on the food below, but the one I will […]