Shadow Room

In the past year there has been an rash of clubs in the DC area that have instituted a tougher door policy as part of an underlying shift towards a more exclusive flavor in the club scene.  These clubs create exclusivity by instituting tougher door policies and emphasizing table-only service (i.e. Josephine’s) or membership programs (i.e. L2 Lounge).  Shadow Room falls into the latter category but offers some great incentives (that I will detail more below) for members.

Cost – $$$

Service – B+

I think it is pretty much the same story – if you get in you’re fine but if you are stuck at the door then you will probably have a pretty negative perspective on the service at the venue.  Shadow Room has introduced some pretty strong service incentives for members including priority valet, coat check; and also some fascinating technical services such as mobile ordering and a variety of other kiosk-driven service orders.  I do have to mention that they might want to consider hiring more shrewd doormen.  Without getting into too much detail I will simply mention I was witness to the doorman dropping the ball pretty significantly in some respects.

Food – ?

Decor – A
The space was designed by Adamstein & Demetriou, who have been behind many DC hot-spots including Zola, Zaytinya, Raku and a host of others for which they have been garnered national recognition.  Their work on Shadow Room is certainly on par with any of their other projects and certainly lends itself to the exclusive nature of the venue.

Feel – A
Many longtime DC scenesters are not happy with the direction that the city seems to be taking but I personally am supportive of it.  The club scene is starting to fall in-line with what you see in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami and that can only mean good things for DC, which has traditionally been known for its distinct lack of style and sophistication.  For all those that complain about the increasing exclusivity (see the thread on Josephine’s) there are loads of great venues where you don’t have to deal with door politics in the city.  Just set your expectations appropriately.

Shadow Room is located at 2131 K Street.  They can be reached at (202) 887-1200.  For more information on membership with Shadow Room visit their Web site.

6 Responses to “Shadow Room”

  1. Not Worth The Trip July 4, 2008 at 1:46 am #

    The place is just a gimmick with the remote ordering thing. Maybe the service improves, but it seems that Shdow’s focused on the electronics over the electrons. And um… what a stupid place to put a club? My doctor is a few doors down… like I want to be chillin’ with my friends next door to where I get my private parts checked out? no thx

  2. theone February 26, 2009 at 5:38 pm #

    If you get a bunch of Dorks to open a club this is what you get- The venue does attract beautiful women but still is not very fun- I dont think this venue can touch josephines or L2. Its just very average

  3. Raymond February 28, 2010 at 6:08 am #

    Worst. Bar. Ever. And if that’s not enough…four words…racist, black security guards. Honestly, as an african american, I never thought i would find a bar in dc where i felt uncomfortable or where i would advise my non-african american friends to avoid. i was at this bar tonight, february 27, 2010, and saw my friends overcharged for four (4) bottles of vodka. when my friend calmly asked the server for an explanation, he was bounced while his credit card was charged in full. it is truly unfortunate that, in this day and age, this extreme showing of bigotry would be tolerated in any forum, let alone in one that caters to the “public”. as for me, i won’t return, and i’ll encourage anyone who will listen to avoid this bar AT ALL COSTS. you’d be better off drinking in prison or from a bottle immediately following someone with an STD.


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