Blue Gin

Blue Gin is a club located at 1206 Wisconsin Ave. in Georgetown.

Cost – $$$

Service – B
I have gone there with people who knew the doorman and one of them used to work there, so that has probably tainted my experience at the place. I’ve never really had a problem though.

Food – ?

Decor – B
It isn’t bad actually. I’ve never been there when it is light outside but it is spacious enough to not feel totally crammed.

Feel – C
I would like to write something better about Blue Gin but every time I have been there, I’ve found myself annoyed by a combination of Georgetown snobbery and sleaze. That being said, it is a drastic improvement over Champs.

What’s the Buzz:

August 16, 2007 – Blue Gin – Promoting Segregation in DC (Drift Reality) – Back in the day when I was at Georgetown, there was a place called Champs. Champs was a filthy establishment where Georgetown jocks would mingle with drunken freshmen girls, and beer was the drink of choice. I hated Champs with a passion and was relatively apathetic when it finally went out of business and was replaced by Blue Gin, which in many ways seems the antithesis of Champs. Full Article…

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