Sun Lounge

Out of the new crop of clubs that has opened in the Dupont Circle area perhaps the least heralded is Sun Lounge.  Although it doesn’t currently have the same Q Score as nearby Midtown and Current Lounge, Sun Lounge delivers a high-quality product that seems to be on the rise.

Cost – $$

Service – A-
Sun Lounge has less door politics than the other central-Dupont clubs yet I do not believe that translates over to a lower caliber crowd.  It substantiates the fact that you don’t necessarily need to have tightly restrictive door policies if you promote and market properly.  Additionally, I found the bartenders to be friendly and engaging, making for a all-around good time.

Food – ?

Decor – B
I don’t think the design is quite on the scale as some of the other big-ticket venues in the area but it is certainly respectable.

Feel – A-
After dealing with some door politics at nearby Current Lounge we decided to simply say “f@#k it” and head over to Sun Lounge instead.  We got there a bit earlier in the evening but by 11PM or so it was filling up quite nicely with a crowd that skewed Asian, which I dig.  We hung out and socialized pretty easily with the crowd at the venue and I chatted with the downstairs bartender for a bit.  It was quite refreshing to simply have a good time at a good venue.

Sun Lounge is located at 1219 Connecticut Ave, NW.

What’s the Buzz:

September 12, 2008 – Sun Lounge DC ( – If I was to write a serious ‘club’ ‘review’, the first thing that I would bring up is the level of “Douche Chills” one gets at the door, trying to get in. In other words more ball busting, more strict, more assholey, more douchey=greater the douche chill level. If ‘The Park’ is the gold standard in douchey-ness (10/10) (by gold standard I mean it sucks the most), then this place is say a 7/10 in doucheyness.  Full article…

November 19, 2008 – Pasara DC AKA “Sun Lounge” (DC Socialite) – Pasara DC which is also know as Sun lounge is sweet!!! Everyone is nice here and it sets a different tone than most of the other clubs in the Golden Triangle. This lounge is a restaurant during the day and a lounge on Friday and Saturday nights. The tone of this place just makes me want to have fun. It not as boogie as the other clubs in the area which is a nice change.   Full Article…

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  1. The Collective March 7, 2009 at 8:34 pm #

    I see that Pasara has a new Thursday night party, Sinful Thursdays, that will bring some real competition to the other clubs in the that area. We sure do need a new party in the area.

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