Saki is a restaurant / club located at 2477 18th St. in Adams Morgan.

Cost – $$

Service – C
They have some attractive waitresses, which is good I suppose. The doormen are normally dicks and that is inexplicable at this point because Saki has lost a lot of its momentum.

Food – B-
I don’t think people go to Saki to eat the sushi but it is actually not that bad.

Decor – B
It is okay I guess. The lounge has ample space to sit and relax, but also a small dance floor. Upstairs is a bit narrow but well furnished.

Feel – C
About three years ago, Saki was pretty hot. It has really lost a lot of its appeal in the past couple years and is definitely on the decline.

What’s the Buzz:

February 25, 2005 – Saki (Drift Reality) – Saki is the only sushi joint I’ve ever been to numerous times where I’ve never actually tried the food. It’s a pretty trendy venue located at 2477 18th St. in Adams Morgan and unlike so many venues that attempt to imitate a Manhattanesque ambience but fail miserably (see section on San Diego nightlife), Saki actually succeeds. Full Article…

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