Ozio is a restaurant and lounge located in Dupont Circle.

Cost – $$

Service – C
The services at Ozio is what you would expect from a high-volume club with table service.

Food – C
Unless someone tells me otherwise, I would expect the food at Ozio to be pretty average.

Decor – B
Actually, Ozio is a bit more slick than the cluster-fuck of clubs around 18th and Connecticut.

Feel – B+
The times I have visited Ozio, I’ve been generally pleased with the overall crowd. It isn’t quite as snotty as some of the other clubs in the area, nor quite as ghetto.

What’s the Buzz:

November 15, 2007 – Ozio’s Review (Citizen Du Monde) – I liked this place, a perfect alternative to the club scene catering to the 25 and up scene (didn’t see to many dusty old men, to my suprise). Full Article…

December 14, 2003 – Ozio (Drift Reality) – Why is Ozio, located down near Dupont Circle, a cool bar? I’ve got three reasons why Ozio is badass. Full Article…

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