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About two years ago I realized I was on the verge of turning 30 and decided it was time to stop clipping all my hair off in the Summer and getting my hair cut for $12 at the neighborhood barber shop the other three seasons of the year.  So I began my search for a salon that was A) not ridiculously expensive, B) relatively close to my house, and C) had a good stylist who wouldn’t pressure me into getting a fohawk.  After about six months I settled on PR at Partners at Mazza and have been going ever since.  PR at Partners has expanded throughout the greater DC metropolitan area and their success can be attributed to a pretty simple model: good quality and friendly service at an affordable price.  They may have a bit of a reputation for being a low cost alternative but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have some talented stylists.

Cost – $$
PR at Partners is probably the most economical choice as far as salons in DC go.

Service – B+
Fonni was cutting my hair for a few months but she recently left so Lisa adopted me and she has been doing a great job.  The girls who work at the front desk are both cute and friendly.

Decor – B
The location in Mazza is fantastic and the space has a clean, open feel to it.

Feel – A-
I always have a pleasant experience at the Mazza Gallerie PR at Partners.  They have done a good job hiring staff and the place has a fun and lively atmosphere that I’d highly recommend to guys who live in the area who are looking for a good haircut.

PR at Partners in Mazza Gallerie is located at 5300 Wisconsin Avenue.  They can be reached at (202) 966-6771.

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