Han Sung Oak

Han Sung Oak is a Korean restaurant located in Falls Church, Virginia at 6341 Columbia Pike. It is a little bit off the beaten path but for those willing to make the trip into Falls Church, it offers some of the best Korean food in the DC area.

Cost – $$$

Service – C+
The service is efficient and utilitarian. Korean servers are never the most friendly in the world. That being said, if you drop some rough Korean on them they will always laugh and start making jokes with you. Try saying “Ahhhh! Nomu Mashitsayo,” when they come by after you’ve tried the food. I guarantee they will warm right up to you.

Food – A
This is the reason you would make the trip out to Falls Church. Han Sung Oak has the best Korean food in the DC-area in my humble opinion and I have tried most of the main Korean restaurants out here. The mandu is terrific, the banchan fresh and the barbecue really well prepared (especially the kalbi). I’ve also tried the pajun and the various rice dishes (dolsot bimbimap) and they are quite good as well.

Decor – C
After all, it is a Korean restaurant. I can’t think of one truly Korean restaurant in this area that actually has what I would consider a stylish decor.

Feel – C
Eating out a Korean restaurant is basically admitting that you aren’t going to make it a late night. You go, stuff yourself silly, then walk out feeling drunk, tired and gassy. What’s more, your skin will smell like meat and your breath smells like kim-chi. In other words it is probably time to go home. Actually, if you have a large group, Han Sung Oak would be a fun place to go and have a huge meal before finding a karaoke room down in Annandale.

What’s the Buzz:

June 1, 2005 – Han Sung Oak (DC Food Blog) – I’ve been meaning to get the review of Han Sung Oak up for a while, so here we go. Our first shared Korean food experience was on our honeymoon in Toronto. I had never had it before and he hadn’t had it in a long time. Turns out our B&B was right by Koreatown so one night we ventured out to a place called Joon’s. Honestly it rocked. Full Article…

August 1, 2004 – Han Sung Oak Restaurant Review (Washingtonian) – Korean cooking hasn’t made it big in Washington. Although some preparations might give non-Korean diners pause, many should appeal to the moderately adventurous diner. This restaurant is a good place to try them. Full Article…

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