Fly Lounge

Fly Lounge is a trendy little night club located at 1802 Jefferson Place, in Dupont Circle.

Cost – $$

Service – B
Service-wise, Fly is notorious for two things: turning people away at the door and copious amounts of cleavage from their scantily clad bartendresses. I think these two things cancel one-another out, hence the grade. At the same time, if the door isn’t an issue then the service is actually quite good. I guess you could say that about most places though.

Food – ?
I actually don’t think they serve any food there although I have snacked on olives at the bar before.

Decor – B
The interior of Fly has been designed to mirror the interior of an airplane. It is a little gimmicky but actually sort of cool.

Feel – A
I think Fly has some of the best crowds in DC. I haven’t ever been irritated by anyone as a matter of fact when I’ve been there. Actually, sometimes I have found myself irritated by people who get tables there for some reason. Guess what idiot? You’re not in New York – you’re in DC, so get off your high-horse about having a table. Basically though, the place has a good vibe. If you’re interested in seeing what the crowds are like they have an annoying Flash Web site with regularly updated photos.

What’s the Buzz:

July 4, 2006 – Fly Lounge Review with One Airplane Joke (DC Bachelor) – Fly is a new bar/lounge that opened up where Red used to be. I was excited to check it out even though I heard they have a door policy that is snobby and Chloe-like. There just aren’t many creative venues in DC, so maybe this airplane-themed bar could become my new hang-out spot. Full Article…

August 21, 2007 – Venturing into Fly Lounge (Killing the AFC in Me) – Everyone bailed on me Friday night so rather than do my normal club crawl, I decide to go to FLY. It’s about 11:30pm, there’s were about three girls outside smoking and two guys in line. Full Article…

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  1. DC Rat February 9, 2009 at 3:52 am #

    Isn’t Midtown the new gay club that opened up where PLAY used to be?


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