Yosaku Restaurant

I live in the Van Ness / Tenleytown area, which is a bit devoid of any nightlife of note.  There are however, a few restaurants in the area that offer a pretty good experience in a pinch and Yasaku is one of them.

Cost – $$

Service – A
It’s fantastic.  They are always friendly and seem happy to see me.

Food – B+
I wouldn’t place it in the top-tier of area sushi restaurants but it is certainly not something to frown down upon.  It is good enough.

Decor – B+
It has a quaint, Japanese middle-of-the-road aesthetic going on that works for me.

Feel – B+
Yosaku is definitely more of a neighborhood joint.  It is not worth making the trip up to Tenleytown just for the restaurant but if you already happen to live in the area it is definitely a place to grab some good sushi on a weekday evening.

Yosaku Restaurant is located at 4712 Wisconsin Ave.  They can be reached at (202) 363-4453.

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