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Although I like Asian Fusion restaurants like Raku I’ve always been a bit dubious about restaurants that advertise themselves as sushi / [insert other asian cuisine] restaurants so even though I’ve walked by Thai Chef and Sushi Bar hundreds of times and admired the design I’ve never dropped by, opting for places like Regent Thai if I’m in the mood for Thai food and a place like Japone if I’m in the mood for sushi in the Dupont area. On a whim I decided to try Thai Chef and Sushi a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised.

Cost – $$

Service – B
Nothing memorable however they did accommodate my obsessive compulsive desire to switch tables at least two or three times when I first arrive, without batting an eyelash so they get some brownie points for that.

Food – A-
Actually I was pretty damn impressed with the sushi at Thai Chef. I probably would say it is even better than Japone but not as good as Sushi Taro. I had a few standard rolls and also tried a few of the specialty rolls. It was so much food I wasn’t even able to finish everything (admittedly my stomach had not made a full recovery from the previous night out).

Decor – B
I dig it. They open up the street-side wall when the weather is nice, giving the place a nice, open feel. inside, it is well conceived although my one complaint would be that they don’t create a lot of privacy with their seating. Our first table was literally pushed next to another couple and I felt like we were a foursome. Now, the flip side to that would have been if their conversation was something worth eavesdropping on but it wasn’t so we asked to be moved to a different table.

Feel – B+

It’s a fun place that attracts a diverse, younger clientele. I’d say it was a good spot for dinner on a weekday evening but maybe not the best destination for groups or a romantic dinner.

Thai Chef is located at 1712 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009.

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