Adams Morgan has lost some of its club-scene momentum in the past several years with the rise of K Street but still draws a fairly significant crowd that draws from a variety of different communities within the DC area. The turnover has always been a bit more frequent in the area but there are a few venues that have managed to differentiate themselves and achieve a modicum of sustainability including Soussi. I visited Soussi this past weekend and found that it was still thriving.

Cost – $$

Service – C
For some reason I feel like Soussi is consistently understaffed and that creates some issues with service. For instance, it took us about 15 minutes or so to get served after sitting down and another 30 minutes or so until our waitress returned after the first round. I don’t think the servers are particularly rude or impolite but the scene is so chaotic they come off seeming ruffled and frantic.

Food – C
I’ve never eaten at Soussi but I must say that whatever they were cooking didn’t smell particularly appetizing. In fact, the entire restaurant smelled like fried fish and the entire time I was sitting I had to deal with the realization that I would also smell like fried fish throughout the remainder of the evening – never a good feeling.  Additionally, I had a glass of Esperto Pinot Grigio that tasted a bit stale.

Decor – B+
I went to Soussi because I really dig the upstairs lounge. It’s one of the few places in Adams Morgan you can go and feel an element of privacy. The outdoor patio is also great when the weather complies, if you can get seated.

Feel – B

I would have probably graded Soussi higher in past years or if I had been sitting out on the patio. It typically draws a very laid-back crowd and I’ve had some pretty cool interactions with people there in the past. I can get over the lack of prompt service however, this time I really couldn’t get over the lack of ventilation in the upstairs lounge and the stink that pervaded the venue so I’m going to give Soussi a B until they get their act together.

Soussi is at 2228 18th St. NW . Washington, DC 20009

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