Best Clubs in DC

Each year, DC City Blog announces its picks for the best clubs in DC.  This short list of venues is compiled based on a variety of criteria including the aesthetics of the venue, quality of service and general ambiance.  Here are the clubs in DC that rank high across all these criteria:

L2 Lounge – For the first couple years since inception, L2 maintained a veil of exclusivity that walled it off from the vast majority of DC.  Since bringing in a new and dynamic management team, L2 has opened its doors (somewhat) by forming strategic relationships with some top local entities such as Art Soiree.  Although L2 has done well to maintain its exclusivity and provide a high quality of experience to its members, it has really begun to evolve into more of a landmark cultural venue in DC and created a compelling reason for DC’s socialites and culturalites to come back into Georgetown.

Josephine – Josephine has been going strong for several years now and done a simply incredible job balancing exclusivity with a high quality of customer service.  This balancing act is what has helped Josephine create a loyal following and a consistently high caliber club experience.

Gazuza – Gazuza has been quietly creeping up during the past year.  Located a bit further up on Connecticut than some of the more notable Dupont clubs, Gazuza offers a more laid back, lounge experience that we have found to be more conducive to socializing and just more enjoyable.

Eden’s Lounge – The only newcomer that made the list, Eden blew up relatively quickly due to a combination of shrewd promotions and a well-timed launch of DC’s premier outdoor lounge at the outset of Summer 2010.  It will be interesting to see how the club maintains as we head into the colder months but so far it seems to be sustaining its momentum.

Spot – Spot has been able to execute a similar balancing act as Josephine except on a smaller scale (it is after all a significantly smaller venue).  Spot is one of the newer venues in the Dupont cluster of clubs and differentiates itself through better customer service.

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