Bangrak Thai Cuisine

Bangrak is a great Thai restaurant located at 43540 Yukon Dr. in Ashburn, Virginia.

Cost – $$ 

Service – A
Both proprietors came to the table to talk with us after we were seated, and the server had a perpetual smile on her face and was extremely helpful and gracious.

Food – A
They have a great menu, a good wine list, and the food delivers. They use fresh ingredients that are prepared to perfection. I’d say they have some of the best Thai food in the DC area.

Decor – B+
It has a modern, charming feel to it. It sort of reminded one of my friends of Rice in DC.

Feel – B
It is a restaurant in Ashburn, so you’re not really going there to socialize or meet other people.

What’s the Buzz:

December 23, 2007 – Bangrak Thai Cuisine (Drift Reality) – Yesterday evening I was down in Ashburn visiting some friends when we decided to search for a good place to eat before heading to watch I am Legend. Full Article…

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