Irelands Four Provinces

Ireland’s Four Provinces is a pub located in Cleveland Park at 3412 Connecticut Ave.

Cost – $$

Service – B
Ireland’s Four Provinces, also referred to as the ‘4 P’s’, is a neighborhood place that has pretty friendly servers and bartenders. If memory serves, they have doormen that work on the weekends who are also pretty friendly.

Food – C
It is an Irish pub so intrinsically, the food is not going to be very good. It is edible however.

Decor – C
It is a bit dirty and dank but again, it is an Irish bar so what can you possibly expect?

Feel – C+
The 4 P’s actually has a pretty friendly, warm vibe. The 4 P’s draws a good mixture of locals, young professionals, and University kids all looking for a good place to enjoy a few laughs and some relatively inexpensive beer. It is definitely not a very snooty place.

What’s the Buzz:

April 21, 2004 – Ireland’s Four Provinces (Drift Reality) – Ireland’s Four Provinces was one of my favorite venues outside of Georgetown when I was in school. Unlike a lot of Georgetown bars, the place attracts a diverse group of ages and has a friendly, vivacious atmosphere. Also, you don’t have to wear a plaid shirt to go there, which is nice. Full Article…


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