Tattoo Bar

Tattoo Bar

Tattoo Bar is located in the continually emerging K-street corridor at 1413 K Street. Tattoo is a Michael Romo venue (Fur, Lotus, Play) and was designed by Michael Francis of Queue Design. The venue’s mission is “focused on bringing the love of rock ‘n’ roll back to the DC nightlife scene.” We visited the place about a week after it was launched and weren’t blown away but returned this past weekend (May 9, 2008) and were greeted by Scott Eustace (the General Manager) with open arms and had a simply amazing time.

Cost – $$

Service – A-
The people working the door were quite friendly and although the bar was packed, we managed to get served almost immediately. Scott has done a terrific job assembling a helpful, friendly staff (yes, they have hot bartenders) – which is a bit of an anomaly in the DC club scene – particularly in the K Street area.

Food – N/A

Decor – A
The Web site provides a good indication of the general decor of the place. Michael Francis from Queue Design has found a way to make Rock-and-Roll sexy and contemporary. With a slick, black interior, a 90-inch plasma and numerous high-dev TV’ scattered throughout (playing music videos), the interior presents an electric, energetic feel that exudes throughout its patrons.

Feel – A-
The first time we visited it was full of University kids and while that’s fine, it is not really what I’m personally looking for. This most recent time, the crowd had changed completely and was a far more mature, stylish group. It sort of reminded me a little bit of a Scottsdale crowd. On the way in, Scott mentioned that the ratio was “70% women” and he actually wasn’t that far off. I have to hand it to the management and ownership at Tattoo, they have created a great venue that should be a hot-spot for years to come.


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