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I happen to live near Cleveland Park so whenever I get that MSG-infused hankering for pho I normally hike straight down to Nam-Viet.  Nam-Viet is actually a chain of Vietnamese restaurants located in Arlington, Alexandria and Cleveland Park and on Sundays I’ve heard the Arlington location is one of the busiest restaurants in the city.

Cost – $$

Service – C
I used to have great experience with the service at the Cleveland Park location but it seems to have dropped off in the past year or so.  Now when I go there is rarely a word muttered by the server and they seem surly the whole time.  I can’t quite figure it out.

Food – B+
I’ve only ever ordered the pho at Nam-Viet and that is sufficient for me. Actually, while I’m writing this I’m sort of getting hungry for Pho. The stuff is addictive.

Decor – D
There are certain rules to Vietnamese pho places: good service/good pho/no investment whatsoever in decor.

Feel – C-
If you go here it is only for the pho. Definitely not a great ambiance, just really good food.

What’s the Buzz:

April 13, 2007 – Nam-Viet (Drift Reality) – Nam-Viet is a great Vietnamese place in Cleveland Park with really tasty pho (if anyone knows the accurate pronunciation of this word please let me know), good prices, and friendly service. I ordered a beef dish once and regretted it when it came drenched in a slimy glaze that reminded me of cheap Chinese food. I often go with a friend who lives in Cleveland Park and she normally orders the grilled shrimp and scallops on skewers and although I have never tried them, they look pretty delicious. Full Article…

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