DC City Blog TV: Media Mavens at the Park at Fourteenth

This past Tuesday, Dean and I headed over to the Park at Fourteenth for the Media Mavens event hosted by a broad array of local area bloggers will include KStreetKate.Net, ProjectBeltway.com, TheGlamazonDiaries.com, DCCityBlog.com, ANotSoCapitolIdea.com, Brightest Young Things, StoreAdore.com, SIN PR , and more.

We arrived early in the evening (around 7PM) and were pleasantly surprised to see a great food spread out and the place already starting to fill up nicely.  We chatted briefly with Kyle Weidie, who runs a local sports blog, Truth About It.

The event was the brainchild of Laura Carlson from the Park, who talked to us briefly about the event itself as well as the Park at Fourteenth.

From a publicity perspective, the beauty of creating an event that brings together people who work in media is that they all have an audience and more often than not, will end up bringing a “tribe” (as Peter Corbett referred to it) as opposed to a group.

What’s more, the Media Mavens event not only brought volume (I heard one estimate of about 750) but it also brought diversity – the crowd included fashionistas, techies, journalists, and people just looking to get buzzed (this may have been the DC City Blog tribe).

Furthermore, among the media represented at the event were those who could be considered “new media” professionals like Ryan Moede from Viget Labs:

And also traditional media folks, like Yunji de Nies from ABC (who despite her claims, is a pretty big deal):

In all, the event was a resounding success and it accomplished precisely what it set out to accomplish: bring together some of the new and traditional media influencers in the area with people just looking to have a good time.  I’m sure the Park not only made a tidy little profit on the night (I know they did from my bar tab alone) but also is going to have an incredible windfall from all the buzz the event generated.

If you want to simply watch the full video visit us on YouTube.


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