Geisha Lounge


Geisha Lounge is a sushi bar and lounge located in the lower level of an office building very close to the White House. By day and early evening, Geisha Lounge is a hipper than average restaurant but on certain nights, it plays host to various crowds ranging from Latin to Hip Hop depending on the day of the week. From time to time, I think they have naked sushi parties where one can eat sushi off of nude models.

Cost – $$

Service – B
The times I have been there, both as a restaurant and club, it hasn’t been too crowded so the service was good.

Food – B-
The sushi was average compared to other DC establishments but some of the other offerings on the menu were pretty good. I think part of my favorable disposition is due to the fact that I live close to here and appreciate being able to get udon and katsu within walking distance.

Decor – B
Geisha lounge is trendy and stylish and I liked the abundant use of red in the decor. I especially like the mural on the lighted wall in the dining room and the atypical Japanese art.

Feel – B-
Last time there, it was a Friday night and I felt like I was at an underground hip hop club in LA or NY. The breakdancers and b-boys were doing their thing in the middle of the dance floor and the other patrons were on the fringes watching and moving to the music. I never would have expected to find such a scene in the middle of downtown DC which was kind of cool. On the restaurant side, the dim lighting and private booths make for an intimate setting. The crowd has been light the times I have been but with a full restaurant, I can imagine this place being pretty cool.

Geisha Lounge is at 727 15th St, NW Washington DC 20005. They can be reached at (202) 347-3887.

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  1. Black Eyed Peas June 4, 2009 at 8:57 pm #

    You seemed to give the “feel” a pretty good review, but then rated it B-… a little contradictory. But it sounds pretty good.

    It think its pretty cool that they have these different themed nights. Keeps things interesting and doesnt seclude one group or another.

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