DC City Blog Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary at The Space

It has now been one year since we sat down and decided to create a site that would be devoted to a rapidly burgeoning cultural scene in Washington, DC.  The subject matter for the site would not be on our personal exploits but instead would focus on the establishments themselves: the restaurants, bars and clubs that had collectively begun to help the social texture of DC evolve.

Since our launch, we’ve seen a new administration with an iconic president accelerate the cultural growth of our nation’s capital and bring it onto a national stage and we like to think that we have grown along with the city over the past year.

So last night we headed over to The Space where our gracious host Mitchell Cox and our incredibly talented DJ, Todd Mack, helped us celebrate our one-year anniversary along with a great group of friends who have helped DC City Blog grow into one of the most prominent blogs in the DC area.

It was a special night and we’re looking forward to another year similar to the last.

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