Aditi Indian Cuisine

This past weekend I braved the ridiculous weather in DC and walked from the waterfront area up to Aditi Indian Cuisine located up on M Street in Georgetown.  The last time I had been to Aditi was several years back and I remember having a pretty positive experience there.  The second-time around was just as positive experience actually and almost worth the walk in 95 degree temperature.

Cost – $$

Service – D+
The one negative about Aditi is the service.  I’m not sure why, but the servers either seem like they are annoyed at customers or apathetic.  The first time I was there the server actually came and just grabbed food off the table before I was finished.  The second time around the server was slightly less rude, opting to simply come to my table every five minutes and ask if I was finished eating.

Food – A-
The only reason to really go to Aditi is the food.  It has been consistently good both times I visited.  The first time around I had my favorite dish, the chicken vindaloo, and it was on par with any other place in the DC area other than Rasika.  This last time around I tried the chicken korma and it was also pretty solid.

Decor – B+
The management put a decent amount of effort into the decor at Aditi and it clearly has a more contemporary feel than some of its peers in the DC-area.  It doesn’t exactly have high-end decor but it is good enough.

Feel – B-
I love the location and the food at Aditi.  I think if they were to simply put their wait staff on paxil or at least give them some customer service training the place would probably grade out at a B+ or even an A-.  Until then, I would simply say that it is a good place if you have a hankering for Indian food and are in the Georgetown area but there are better options in the DC-area as a whole.

Aditi Indian Cuisine is located at 3299 M St NW, Washington DC.  They can be reached at (202) 625-6825.

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