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Lima is a restaurant and club located at 1401 K Street. It is not really a club that serves food nor is it a restaurant that turns into a club at night – it is actually a fairly balanced establishment that has the best of both worlds. As you can tell (or can’t tell) from […]

The Muse Lounge

I had seen The Muse Lounge & Nightclub popping up on people’s Facebook newsfeeds (I’m so 2008) so last weekend I decided it was time to check out the venue.  Built on the ashes of the somewhat amusing, very cheesy, ultimately unsuccessful Coyote Ugly, Muse Lounge has a solid ownership group with a wealth of […]


Midtown is a new club / lounge in the Dupont Circle area that is basically a 2.0 version of Play. They turned the venue around pretty rapidly and my sense is that the Michael Romeo group are looking to capitalize on the growing demand for more of an upscale lounge environment with table service that […]

Current Lounge

There used to be a club located in Dupont called Dragonfly that Dean and I used to hit up with some regularity. It was great as a starter, intermediary or finishing venue for an evening in DC. The one consistency was that there was always a pretty good crowd, good music yet it was never […]

Shadow Room

In the past year there has been an rash of clubs in the DC area that have instituted a tougher door policy as part of an underlying shift towards a more exclusive flavor in the club scene.  These clubs create exclusivity by instituting tougher door policies and emphasizing table-only service (i.e. Josephine’s) or membership programs […]


Dean and I decided to get some culture a couple of weeks back so we headed to Artomatic. While at Artomatic I recall looking out the window and seeing the deck at Ibiza and thinking it would be cooler if we were over there. Dean was amenable so we dropped the feeble attempt at culture […]


Ownership of most of the hot spots in DC is consolidated by a handful of club owners. One of those is Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld, whose company Latin Concepts is responsible for some of the top clubs and restaurants in DC including Chi-Cha, Mate, and Gazuza. As with the other Latin Concepts venues, Guarapo offers a trendy, […]

Degrees Bar & Lounge

Situated off of M in Georgetown, Degrees Bar & Lounge is a posh venue located in the Ritz-Carlton. The first time I visited was just a few months ago after I had some problems at the door at Josephine’s. I was looking for a nice venue where I knew there wouldn’t be any door politics […]

The Park at Fourteenth

The Park at Fourteenth is a relatively new venue located (surprise) down on 14th between I and K across from Franklin Square. Josephine’s and the Park at Fourteenth popped about the same time and although they both want to be the new hot club in DC they are taking very different tacts to get there. […]