Bistrot Du Coin

Bistrot Du Coin is a charming, chaotic restaurant conveniently located north of Dupont Circle near the Russia House at Florida and Connecticut. I was first introduced to Bistrot Du Coin by a good friend about three years ago and we enjoyed a terrific dinner there. Over the past few years, I’ve stopped in every now and again and most recently dropped by for brunch this past Sunday.

Cost – $$

Service – C
Definitely not the strongest attribute of Bistrot Du Coin, the service is minimalist to say the least. Our server basically came by three times: once to take our drink order, a second time to take our food order and then to drop off the check (after we flagged him down). They are fairly busy during brunch on Sunday so it’s understandable I guess however the service has also been questionable other times I’ve been there. No one seems particularly happy to be working there.

Food – A-
The food at cost is the main reason to go to Bistrot Du Coin. They find a way to mass-manufacture a pretty solid menu across the board (brunch and dinner). I’m definitely not an expert on French food and I’m sure there are plenty of options that would blow the menu away at Bistrot however at cost, it’s hard to stack up.

Decor – B
Bistrot Du Coin is a fairly large, open space with a great deal of seating and normally tends to fill in, giving it an energetic feel. It actually does have a fairly authentic, bistro-like feel to it. It is comfortable moreso than classy.

Feel – B+

The clientele skews mature meaning that even though it is crowded, it never gets raucous – an important distinction because energetic is manageable for Jiyan; raucous is not. Even though the place is full up, there is privacy and intimacy to be had in the space making it suitable for a date (though it would be more fun than romantic) or for dinner with friends.

Bistro du Coin is located at 1738 Connecticut Avenue Northwest.

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  1. Brandon Green October 31, 2008 at 3:12 am #

    Great review–I’m a huge fan of their muscles and escargot.

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