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Leopold’s Kafe

Leopold's Kafe


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Having attended Georgetown (many years ago) and frequented most of the Georgetown establishments ad nauseam, there was a period during which I didn’t even consider hanging out in what is probably one of the highlights of Washington, DC.  During the past several years I’ve started to rediscover the area, in large part due to the emergence of L2 and Leopold’s in the Cady’s Alley.  Cady’s Alley in particular has brought a Euro-chic vibrance to the area that it has long needed and long lacked.

Cost – $$

Service – B+
The waitstaff is friendly and professional.  They have come a long way since getting raked over the coals by Sietsema a few years back.

Food – B+
For me, the food is not the highlight of the establishment but it is an original, well-construed menu.  The skirt steak is well prepared and doesn’t disappoint.  The mussels, served in a white wine and parsley broth are also a good choice.  I’m not a dessert guy but people swear by the tortes and I’ve even talked to one person who cited Leopold’s tortes as one of the things they missed after leaving the area.

Decor – A-
The space is the real highlight of the venue.  If you sit out on the patio on a beautiful Spring or Summer day there are moments in which you can imagine yourself transported to Europe.  Beyond the space, the design aesthetics and accoutrements themselves are very Austrian – simple, clean and precise.

Feel – A
As I mentioned in the preface, Leopold’s Kafe has been a big part of the reason I’ve been spending more time in Georgetown recently.  The synthesis of the space, people and style is an ambiance like no other in the DC area.

What’s the Buzz:

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